Therapy Opportunities in a Kit

Gross Motor Skills –

·         Pushing a grocery cart in the store and how not run into displays or people.

·         How to put away groceries into the cabinets or refrigerator.

·         Walking / Standing and increasing stamina.

Fine Motor Skills

·         How to scoop flour, sugar and other ingredients into the dry measuring cups

·         How to make measurements level on the measuring spoons

·         How to pour egg, applesauce and other liquids into the measuring cup & then into the bowl


·         Asking questions clearly so your guests understand

·         When giving directions speaking clearly so others know what to do


·         Using proper manners – please and thank you

·         How to set a table.

·         How to accept compliments from guests.

·         What roles do you need to do as the host


·         After the dinner is done – who does the clean up?

·         Do you just leave the dishes on the table?

·         Do you direct guests to bring their plates over to the sink and stack them?


·         How do we act if the meal did not turn out the way be planned?


·         You/your child or student has successfully made a recipe.

At the Color-Coded Chef we are excited when your recipe went as planned.  But we also celebrate when a recipe flopped – why YOU took the opportunity to try something new.  Your next try a Color-Coded Chef recipe is an opportunity to be better, because YOU are always learning and that is important to us.

Happy Cooking!