What our clients are saying

Mrs. Rita Roussin 9-7-18

Family & Consumer Sciences At Marquette High School, we use the Color-Coded Chef products in a course titled Life After High School. This class is a mentor class that pairs general education students with Special Education Students. This curriculum has made a huge impact on the comprehension of measuring to produce an edible product. My students can have more fun in the kitchen now that they are able to identify measurements through color and not numeric. The recipes provided have also allowed the students to try simple, but healthful recipes. Students are working with fruits and vegetables in new ways. I get to hear, “I actually like this” a lot while students are eating! This curriculum fits the needs of all my students and can easily be adapted!  


RICHARD S.               12-5-17

I was amazed at how easy the recipes are to follow. All of the steps are laid out so as long as you keep track of where you're at, anyone can do this. From younger children to non-cooking adults to individuals with special needs.

The demonstration on Saturday even got people who at first were not sure to join right in and enjoy the morning.

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Marnie P.               09-28-17

What a great idea!  A simplified version of recipes and methodology/instruction which allows differently abled individuals to independently prepare and serve a variety of food items.  A colour coded system of measurements is a wonderful concept for those who require simplified instruction.  What a great support to those who want to increase their independence and expand their life skills.

I liked the presentation of the information …. Not juvenile, but still simple enough to allow the individual to follow along with simplified visuals and modified instruction.  During the preparation of food items, we referred back to the instructions multiple times throughout the process and were able to follow along.

The top 3 things I liked about CCC:  1. The visual appeal of the materials – you just want to get your hands on these items!   2. The quality of the materials, especially after multiple runs through the dishwasher.  The markings remain colorful and vivid.  3.  Exploring new and different recipes our family wouldn’t usually cook or work with.

We are a family of active and independent cooks in the kitchen, and my differently-abled young person is a part of this engaging activity.  Although the measurements in a regular set of measuring cups and spoons make little impact upon him, the CCC allows him to identify and utilize the various measurements and understand the differences based on the colour coded system.  It is also helpful to provide him with verbal prompts that are based on colours.  I can do this from a distance allowing him even greater independence with this life skill as I fade out my verbal prompts.

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MAybelle - Age 9 10-25-17

On the recipes, I liked how the instructions used colors in the pictures and in the words. The measuring cup colors on the recipes are exactly like the real measuring cups!

I like the idea of the dry-erase marker because you can put a check on the things you're finished with -- then you can erase it so you can start over next time!

I like that there are lots of different kinds of meals to choose from. The snacks are my favorite.

The long spatula is the best spatula ever -- you can get everything in one scrape!

The Banana Nut Muffins were great. My favorite. They are good for mornings -- especially if you pop them in the microwave first. If I could rank it by stars, (1 is just okay and 5 is the best), I'd give it 4 1/2 stars.

I like that they aren't big portions so if you don't eat a lot, you don't have a lot left over. But if you do eat a lot, it's easy to just double the recipe.

Isabella D.          10-28-17

The food was so delicious it absolutely blew me away. And that’s not to say that I was impressed only that C. made it. I was amazed by the food itself. It was easily the best meal I have ever had out of a crock pot, and probably one of my new favorite meals. And the fact that C. made it for us was just even more incredible and impressive.