Teaching Opportunities in a kit

The Color-Coded Chef offers many teaching opportunities in a box.

Decision Making – What recipe should we cook, what ingredients do we have, and which ingredients need to be purchased?

Team work – Who is going to do what step, how will the cleanup be divided.

Social Skills – Interacting with grocery store personnel, working with parents or other people in the kitchen.  How to accept compliments on a recipe well done.

Teaching - What the different tools and equipment are in a kitchen and how are they used.

Sequencing – The steps on how to put a recipe together.  What happens when you do the steps out of order?    What steps need to happen to start a recipe (see decision making).

Directions – What happens to a recipe if you put too much or too little of an ingredient in a recipe?  What do you do when you don’t understand the directions?

Health & Hygiene – Having a clean work area before you start cooking.  Making sure that all the equipment used is clean, and cleaning all the counters and supplies after the project is done.  Very important to have long hair pulled back and secured.  Did you wash your hands before you started cooking?  When & why do you need to rewash your hands in the middle of cooking?

Self-discipline – Can you stop in the middle of a recipe to watch a TV show?

Safety – Understanding of a hot oven or stove and what items you need to protect yourself and the counter area.

Length of time (timer) -What is a few minutes? What is an hour?  Can you walk off and leave your food in the oven and the consequences if the food is left in the oven too long.

One bite rule – Learning to try new food – you may not like it but at least you did try it.  And if you do like it Yum Yum.

Reflection moment – Highlighting the skills and process that a student or child accomplished.  What was challenging and how did they overcome the challenge.

Patience – for the person learning to cook and for the person teaching.