Sequencing: The Order of Things


We have a system in our house: Chores, good behavior and other completed tasks equal stickers.  Once a ticket is full of stickers (about 15), my son can turn that ticket in for a reward.  The other day we were at the orthodontist and I said, “You can earn 2 stickers if you sit super still and let them do all the work.”  After they were done he announced, “Best behavior ever!”  I replied, “Yes! And how many stickers do you get?”  His reply, “14!”


We all get excited to start something new.  Depending on the project, there may be just a few steps or perhaps several.  This is an opportunity to talk about sequencing.

Let’s face it.  I really would like to walk into my kitchen and eat a snack.  However, someone needs to find a recipe, plan the grocery list, buy the ingredients, follow the recipe, mix the ingredients, and make the snack.

Using the attached recipe for Graham Cracker Quick Snack you can discuss the steps needed to make your snack.  Planning the ingredients, mixing the frosting equals success.  Have fun creating your own designs with the frosting.

However, what would happen if you did the steps out of order?  Would you be pleased with the outcome?


Let’s take the sequence cards (click on download) and rearrange the order:  Eat the graham crackers, add food coloring, spread the frosting. Following this sequence will not have the desired outcome.

Feel free to print the sequence cards and rearrange as many times as you want.  Have fun and create a story to go with it to help your child understand the importance of sequence. It’s a wonderful example of how planning and work equal success.